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Bro i want to ask somethingWhat you use for photo editing? I think you using Lightroom applicationIf you use lightroom what preset you use for it?  -anon

one of the most common questions i get, what preset do i use. it's just crazy to me how VSCO + lightroom really changed the world of photo editing. it's almost too easy now. I remember i used edit all my photos in photoshop and it would make me forever. creating that correct amount of fade on each photo, color correcting, and fine tuning all the small details, all would take me forever. now, i just a click... banger. click.. banger... click.. banger.. so much easier nowadays and I'm not complaining at all, time comes sparingly these days for me with a family and all. but back to the original question, presets. to be honest, i don't even remember the preset i started off with.. it must've been one of the portra series, of course. i love portra film so it's probably why i was pulled in with that setting. it had the tones that i really enjoy, fade, grain, etc. however, i never stuck with that preset as is, i've fucked around with that preset so much that it's not even close to what it was before. i've changed the entire S-curve, saturation, and each photo i edit, i always fine tune it to fit my style. this is why this question is always the brick wall question for me, i really don't know what to tell you, or how to answer the question.. i simply don't have an answer, and you shouldn't want to know my answer. as a creative, part of the process is trail and error. test every preset out that you have, tweak all of them to really nail down something that's of your taste. as we all know, we constantly change our preferences. one day you may really dig this look, week later you think its embarrassing you even thought that it was cool. so my advice is, fuck whatever setting it is that i use. play around and some photos and throw in all the aspects you enjoy in a photograph and make a medley for it, this will be your preset. 

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