it's been a gnarly few months. i still can't believe so much time has passed, my daughter is already 9 months, soon to be 10. it's been a huge challenge trying to balance responsibilities between family and work. there honestly just isn't enough time in the day to do everything. living in the bay area with no other family around to help us can be quite tough. my wife at work, son on summer break, daughter becoming a pro crawler, and work tasks piling up; i can't help but to feel helpless and hopeless at times.

good thing i have a wife that's super supportive and understanding. we work hard to try and find a balance between family time and work, and really trying to carve out some dedicated hours for work. i've said this many many times; that i will try and write more on here but it always seems that i take these long hiatuses from it.. but i always return. so here i am, yet again. hello.