so i've been getting a ton of questions lately as to what or why i've switched back to sony setup. so to give you a little background, i started off photography with a canon rebel xti that i bought back in 2007. later upgraded to a t2i, then t3i, then 7D, then 5D2. So i've been shooting with canon for a loooonnnggg time, but it wasn't till the day dropped and snapped my canon 24L off my camera, that i finally decided i wanted to make a change. there wasn't really a huge deciding factor as to why i switched over to the sony a7ii, i honestly just wanted to try something new, and at that time (2015-16) sony was definitely coming into the market strong. i did no research whatsoever, and just sold all my canon gear, and copped the sony a7ii and the voigtlander 21/1.8. used the set up for a while then sometime last year, i decided to jump back over to canon, 5d3 and back with my beloved 24L. i decided to go back to canon because i was headed to a trip to iceland and i really wanted something that can withstand some gnarly weather conditions. lots of cold, and lots of water. 

fast fwd, i got tired of lugging around the canon setup again, especially now more than ever since i am carrying around a diaper bag almost everyday thats jam packed with diapers, bottles, wipes, babyfood, etc.. the last thing i needed was my brick of a camera to weigh me down even more.. so again, i sold my canon setup and jumped back over to sony, this time the a7r2 and of course, had to get back one of my favorite lenses, the voigtlander 21/1.8. i was pretty stoked on this because i really missed the ergo on the a7's, it just fits my hand perfectly. canon was always a bit bulky and heavy, made it pretty uncomfortable to hold after a period of time. i also missed how light and portable the a7's were, and not to mention, the world of options for lenses. canon, i was stuck with red rings, which is not a problem since they are some of the nicest pieces of glass out there, but they are mad heavy and bulky. as much as i love the red rings, it always made me choose to leave my camera at home as it becomes a huge burden to lug around. i love the fact that i can literally pair any lenses out there with the a7. being that i already own a voigtlander r3m 35mm camera that is an m-mount... it was a no brainer to stick with m-mount lenses such as leica, voigtlander, zeiss to name a few.. which are sharp af. even tho they are manual focus lenses, the a7's focus peaking feature and focus magnifier is a godsend. furthermore, so yea, there you have it.. what i switched to, and why i switch to.