In the recent months, i've been really pushing myself to live a "less is more" life motto. i think with having 2 kids, living in the bay area, and being a free-lancer, i really shouldn't have any other option. i've always wanted to live the "minimalist" lifestyle but i've always been the excessive type. if i like something, i gotta have lots of it. i liked to collect shit; like toys and art paraphernalia. i'm into fashion and sneakers so when shit drops, im always finding myself in the predicament of, "do i really need this? duh.. yes." so as much shit as i get rid of month to month, i just replenish it with something else eventually. i think that these last few months, however, i've really come to realize that i really do need to cut back on shit that i don't need to live off of. i am so inspired by how Japanese people live in Japan; the necessities only. so clean, so simple, and makes all the fuckin sense. every time i visit japan, i come back home like, "man what the fuck am i doing with all this junk?" but i quickly fall back into the bad habit of living the "american dream" of owning senseless shit. i think with not traveling at all this year, it made me think hard about what camera equipment i really "needed" versus all the shit i "wanted." i got rid of the bulky Canon build and sized down to a sony and now getting rid of bulky glass to going as compact as possible. i've been doing a ton of research on a lens that i can make use of for a life-time and i ended up with the zeiss c sonnar 50/1.5. it's not the "everyday" lens like a 24-35mm is but i didn't want so much of an everyday lens, but more of a lens that would challenge me to make a more conscious decision on getting a shot worthy of archiving. being that it's a M-mount lens constructed for rangefinders, it lacks in the close-focus field. meaning i can only focus on subjects about 1 meter away, posing an obstacle to how i would shoot a subject. all in all, i really love the quality of both the construction of this lens and the quality output.  there really isn't any other lens that can produce the results the c sonnar can especially in its weight class and price bracket. as you know already know, i like customizing my gear to make it feel more "me." i've done a heavy blackout on it to match my camera, which i will show in another post to come.