I was taking the train into east village but somehow ended up in the wrong direction and hopped off the train to get on another to go back in the opposite direction. I had been walking a bit looking at my phone and looked up and seen this Kmart. I grew up with Kmart, back when they had little Caesar’s built inside, those dingy grey shopping carts.. back when my mom used to take me and my brother here to go shopping, to when I got older me and my late homie would skate to the Kmart in our neighborhood to check out PC games. I remember I bought Diablo 2 out of the glass case at a Kmart. then they closed down all the Kmarts in my town in Ohio. it’s crazy to me that all these memories got tucked away after the stores closed down and I no longer saw the stores, or the logo, and then it just disappears. then 15+ years later I see this in a NY subway station, I can remember all the times I went to Kmart.

New York, New York.
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