one question I get a lot is how do I get the borders around my scans.. and it drives me nuts that people don’t just hop on google and search it. I mean, im not gonna be a dick a ignore the questions but shit, it takes up a ton of unnecessary effort on my end to explain it.. when you can literally just type that question into google and you will find the answers. that information you’re seeking; lives on the internet. like you can access it right now.. like right now, right now. lots of people ask where I get the border, as if its like some app I use… but its not an app (which im sure there probably is one that exists.. theres an app for fucking everything these days).. its not photoshopped either (which can be done of course).. but this is how I actually scan it, with the rebate. sure, you can achieve the same look when you create it in post but being that I shoot and scan it myself, having the frame number on the shot means much more to me. like.. this shot on frame number 9 of kodak gold 200. that means os much more to me than a generic script from a app or photoshopping a pre-made rebate template.

gold 200 | bessa r4m