I remember debating hard on whether I should’ve taken my medium format with me to New York. packing that means I had to add another what feels like 5 fuckin tons to my-already heavy af camera bag. really didn’t want to be but also didn’t want to regret it if I hadn’t so… I brought it. my bronica etrs-i and a bunch of 120 film, and my waist level prism.. all which took up basically half my bag. on one of the days there, I decided I wanted to shoot that day on 120.. so I got load up a roll, and when I go to fire off my first shot, realized my light meter battery was dead. welp.. I wasn’t about to go around metering every shot on my phone and risking missed metered shots so I basically brought a couple of bricks in my bag. well, I managed to get 1 exposure out the balcony of my hotel looking at the New York skyline just guessing the meter. nailed it.

120 kodak tmax 400