After hearing all the hype about the super blue blood moon, that the last time that something like this happened was in the 1800's, to it not happening again in 30+ years, to how rare of a spectacle this event will be, to thinking that this may be a once in a lifetime experience, I made a huge effort in making sure I didn't miss it. when I say huge effort, I mean waking my ass up. mind you, I have two kids, so finding the energy and will power to wake up at 4a.m. was a huge challenge. I actually snoozed my alarm a couple of times before my wife turned over to me and said, "wake up. you're going to regret it if you don't." that was enough for me to peel myself out of bed because she's right. I would've woken up and seen all these crazy photos of the super blue blood moon and I would've been kicking myself because I would've missed it all because I didn't want to wake up. 

as much as I would like to tell you how freaking awesome the super blue blood moon was, it honestly wasn't as awesome as I had expected. I was hoping for the moon to be much larger than it actually was, only because of the word "super" ... typically on the moon calendar, "super moons" are usually pretty fat, especially at rise. being that this eclipse didn't happen until around 5a.m. , the moon was already pretty high up so it was pretty tiny; larger than usually, but still tiny. especially since I totally wasn't prepared equipment wise. I was shooting with a 50mm but with the Sony a7r2 so I had a ton of reso to crop pretty tight, as you can see. there was also a shit load of people at the location that I originally wanted to go to, so I ended up just driving around until I found a isolated place when I could just park and roam around without feeling like I was ruining other peoples experience. all in all, I think the experience of it was cool, witnessing the event was cool, the shots I got were cool, but was pretty pissed that when I got home in the morning that I could see the moon from our bedroom window all along. lol.. and I thought I had to drive out to the middle of nowhere to see it because I was worried about trees, buildings and what not obstructing the view of it.. nope.