These past few months have been just hectic. Being a stay-at-home and work-from-home dad has its ups and downs for damn sure. time management has never been as challenging as it is now but I think I am finally getting the hang of it. I've always been the type of person to work the entire day. it just goes with being a self-employed artist; I am never not working. throughout my entire day, im always thinking about work; whether it's just coming up with ideas or actually solving a problem, etc. but after moving back to sacramento, and my wife working full-time, I took on the task of staying home, working and watching the kids. I mentally had to tell myself to turn my brain off work mode. that was probably the most challenging thing ever; living and working went hand in hand, it was second nature. it's taken a long time to finally get the hang of it. to have finally accepted the fact that from this time to this time, I am not working, I am dropping my son off at school, I am hanging out with my daughter, doing things around the house, etc. And you know, im not ashamed at all to say that I am a stay-at-home dad, that I cook (sometimes...) and clean, do the laundry, all that shit. But I knew that all of this took up a lot of time out of my week, leaving me with only certain amount of hours to work. So I ended up putting off a lot of things that didn't seem necessary at the time and just prioritized all the things that needed my immediate attention like project deadlines and the logistics side of the brand. I have this studio space that has been a complete mess for months now. shit is laying everywhere, the walls were a ugly cream color, spiders chillin the corners of the ceiling, just not that healthy of a work environment for me, but I just got in, did my work, got out, and that was that. But I realized that the reason I've been feeling like I've been in such a rut is because I didn't have a space to work that really motivated me to create. So I finally made it priority to fix the studio space to hopefully spark some motivation and creativity to do more. scrubbed the space down, painted the walls, and currently going to build out work table and work station. something I've always enjoyed was working with my hands, making shit. photography and graphic design doesn't allow much of that; other than using your index finger to click the shutter, or click on the mouse. Hoping to be able to share more of the process through here in due time.