haven't done much or gone out lately these past few months. just hanging out around the house with my daughter while wife is at work and our son is at school. it leaves me with many many hours to keep her entertained. usually consists of going up and down the stairs, playing with magnets and blocks, games on the iPad and watching movies... oh and of course, eating all day. since I started shooting more film again, I've learned how difficult it is to take photos of her. she never stays still; constantly on the go. focusing with a full manual rangefinder is a pain in the ass when your subject is running towards and away from you all the time. i guess I can always counter that with a high f stop, but where's the fun in that. shooting at 1.4 and 1.5, trying to get that sharp focus, man its tough. but when you do get a shot that's in focus, and correctly exposed, cue the fuckin triumphant music.