for the past few years now, i’ve been wanting to visit Yosemite during the winter. the opportunity just never arose so I never got around to it until this past week. my wife had told me that for this new year, she wanted me to try and take a trip for myself at least once a month and that was honestly one of the sweetest things she has ever said to me lol. there was a party of me that really missed going out, exploring and shooting. I had made the decision when my daughter was born, that I would put up traveling for a while and I had already accepted that I won’t be traveling anywhere, anytime soon. but what I had not considered was just how much I needed to do this for myself. being a parent, your life becomes so routine and repetitive. just doing the same thing over and over again and it really started taking a toll on me without really realizing it. I had decided that I really wanted to take this quick over night trip to Yosemite by myself to really just decompress and just be in my own thoughts. I can’t stress at just how important that is, especially for anyone that is on a creative path. even though I had entered a fuckin snowstorm in Yosemite and the drive was super sketch since the roads were completely non-existent cause of how much snow there was, I was still in a state of zen. life can get so fuckin chaotic and busy beyond belief, that when you are put in a situation where you really don’t have to do anything, you’re just like… holy shit. that holy shit moment came when I had finally got into Yosemite at 3am and found a spot to park and call it home for the night. I had opened up the trunk hatch, and just sat in the trunk looking out into nothing. it was damn near total black, but I could faintly see snow covered trees and mountains in the back with the snow coming down heavy.. it was so fuckin peaceful I tell you. even with tree branches snapping around me and I would piss myself a little every time, but i still was able to just zone tf out.