you know, when my daughter was born, my life literally turned upside. you would think that when a life event happens as huge as having a child; the drastic change would be something difficult to adjust but that wasn’t necessarily the case for me. being a dad has always been something that I knew I wanted to be, even when I was like a kid or teen.. I always knew that I wanted to become a dad so im assuming this is why the transition was so seamless, so natural. there are so many things that just became second-nature to me.

This isn’t something I can really put into words or explain to anyone, I don’t think anyone really can comprehend what this feeling is like unless you have kids.. but not just having kids, but to have the desire be a parent. I was listening to Joe Rogan’s podcast with guest Travis Barker and he had mentioned that, the second he became a father, there was a switch that just flipped; everything changed. this was the most honest and really, the best way to put it.