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(how often do you travel/explore?)

every chance i get! i've learned throughout the years that planning to travel always has some lag to it and sometimes, it's procrastinated and doesn't even happen. so all that talk about doing this and doing that, going here and going there, you end up not doing anything and not going anywhere because some people just don't follow through. for me, i try to get out as much as possible. i made it a habit. if i go one week without going out and explore, i feel like i'm about to explode. when people think of travel, they automatically think of hopping on a plane and soaring through the clouds. ot even. you can hop on your bike and ride a couple miles and find a spot to explore, and that to me is still considered traveling. i always hear people complain about not having anywhere to go and shoot in their city or whatever, but thats bullshit. you can live in a farm out in the middle of nowhere and i am sure you can still capture some amazing things out there. it's really not that hard. get a couple of friends, pitch in a couple bucks for gas, and take an aimless drive out somewhere and make frequent stops where you think you can find something interesting to photograph and document. there really is no excuse. as of late, i have been going out almost every week. as should you.

keep the questions coming y'all.