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looking for the right road

i grew up in a nice suburb area in ohio which means i had a ton and ton of flat, smooth and well paved black top roads to skate on. the likeliness of eating shit from running over a small pebble on the road was pretty slim, not saying it never happened, but it was very very slim compared to how the roads are now here in California. I find it damn near impossible to skate on these streets and sidewalks here compared to how it was for me back home, which really sucks. I can imagine how hard it is to learn how to skate with these road conditions. Rocks, pebbles and glass everywhere. Potholes, cracks and just a bunch of shit everywhere makes it super unsafe to take my kid out to skate but now at our new home, we live about 20 yards from the beach which has a long paved path for people to use for running, biking, etc... So of course, we use it for skating.

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